Promptings or Desire?

Lately, I’ve felt an undeniable feeling that I need to be writing.  I don’t mean in my diary or blogging – I mean I need to be working on my book.

In the past, these feelings would come out of desperation.  I would be worrying about how to pay a bill and I would see the riches that come from having a best seller dangling in front of my face.  My kids would have an activity come up which I couldn’t attend due to my work schedule and I would ache for the time when I could come and go as I want because I could choose to write when it fits into my kids’ schedules.  My exhaustion would make me wish for days when I could have a three-day weekend (or any kind of weekend) whenever I wanted.

This doesn’t seem to be that.  These reminders aren’t coming from need and they actually happen multiple times during my day.  An odd reminder that I need to be writing will come out of something completely unrelated.  An unexpected word will come out of someone’s mouth, prompting me to get back to my book.  It happens over and over and it’s becoming more frequent.

 The problem is, my schedule is so tight right now that it’s really hard to find the time to dedicate to my book.  I understand that five minutes a day is better than none, but when I get into my book, I tend to not want to walk away from it.  That has frequently had me up all hours of the night, working away.  This is not good for someone who is working two jobs.

I have such a firm belief in my Higher Power that I don’t want to ignore this.  And yet I’m not sure that’s from whence these feelings are coming.  I mean, I think so, but I haven’t received any clear-cut signs that this is from my HP.

The only problem with that is that every other time I wait for an undeniable sign from my HP, it’s usually a 2X4 over my head. 

Maybe I could try to just put in half an hour tonight.  Maybe set a timer for myself and then actually quit when it dings.

Yah, right!


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