Random Weight Loss Thoughts

Yesterday, I was wearing a shirt that I bought during my trip to Hawaii about a decade ago.  For the first time ever, I liked what I saw when I looked at my reflection.

When I bought it, it was tight and quite unflattering.  Yesterday, when I looked at myself in the mirror, I was baggy and loose on me.  It was still unflattering, but I liked what I saw.  Actually, it look enormous on me.  I was so excited!  Every time I walked into the bathroom, I smiled at the thinning lady looking back at me.

Today, when I was dressing, I grumbled a bit about losing weight in the winter.  I’m just so freaking’ cold all the time!  I mumbled to myself about how stupid it was to lose weight during the cold months as I put on my long johns in an attempt to not freeze all day long.  And then I laughed at myself as I pulled my pants on.  The extra layers the long johns added helped my pants not be so loose.  So, the problem kind of corrected itself.

I keep having thoughts I’ve never had before. 

  • What size I will be?  I’ve not been a healthy weight since my first pregnancy.  Will I be able to achieve a size 10, or will that not be possible due to my hips?
  • Will I be able to wear my daughter’s clothes?  I figure she and I will be about the same size.
  • Will I be able to jog?  There are parts of me now which making jogging impossible.
  • Will I be able to do yoga?  My massive stomach prevents me from achieving many of the yoga positions.

I’m encouraging those around me to strive for health, without meaning to.  There was one day at work when 8 people came up to me and told me about their weight loss.  I congratulated them, silently wondering why they would tell me such things.  The only thing I can guess is that my own weight loss is finally visible to most, so they feel I’m a good person with whom to share their successes. 

Huh.  Didn’t expect that.


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