There is a song in which the singer professes all of the things he’d do to protect the love of his life – things like taking a bullet for her, stepping in front of a train for her, and yes – catching a grenade for her.

Aw!  How romantic!  I’d love to have a man who loves me that much!

And then I really got to thinking it. 

I had a man who claimed such things.  I’d settle for a man who is honest.  Or considerate.  Or any other number of things I have yet to experience from a man which should be the norm.

I recently saw a friend on Facebook post, “More girls need to be infatuated by a man with education, ambition, faith, and goals rather than a dude with ‘swag’.”  My response to that would be – we need to find the guys like that and put a big, neon sign on them so the women who are looking for them can recognize them.  I’d love to find a good man.  That’s the problem – finding them.

In my experience, the good men are all either taken or gay.

I was thinking about “the list” most young women make, whether on paper or in their heads, at some point in their lives.  It has all of the admirable qualities her ideal partner would have.  The problem is – will the man described on my list be compatible with who I am now?  If I ever do find a “good man”, will I be someone he would want to spend his life with?

Wouldn’t it be much easier if there was some giant kiosk I could go to, put in my information, put in the information of the man I seek, and wait for the printout?


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