New Dynamics

I have recently been offered a promotion at my retail job.  It is a leadership position – something I’ve never done before.

I’ve always been the peon, and quite contentedly so too.  I have loved not having the pressure, stress, and take-home worries about leadership.  I’ve enjoyed going in, doing my job, and walking out with little to no stress.

Now I find myself in a leadership position (for which I didn’t ask, but accepted because I thought it would look good on my resume).  It is a whole new ball of wax.

I was a cashier.  As a cashier, I could ignore most of my co-workers.  I never, ever dealt with anyone on “the floor” (people who weren’t regular cashiers).  I only talked to the other cashiers if I wanted to.  As someone who is socially inept, this was a great career choice for me.

Now, in this leadership position, I have to deal with people constantly.

This is much harder for me than it sounds.

A while back, I was joking with a co-worker.  In a completely light-hearted moment, I called her a name, all in jest.  Most people would have taken it as it was given.  Unfortunately, in her country, that is one of the worst names you can call someone.  When I discovered my faux pas, I immediately apologized and tried to let her know I meant no harm by it.  I don’t think she has ever fully forgiven me.

And now I’m her supervisor.  Before, I just gave her her space, not wanting to step on her toes any more than I already had (plus it’s just easier to avoid a problem than try to solve it, right?).  Now, I have to deal with her multiple times every hour.  Can you say uncomfortable?

I’m not quite sure how to handle all of this.  It’s all so new and there’s not a handbook for it.  I think the human interaction part of it will be the most difficult part of it for me.  I think my Higher Power has given me this position so I can learn this skill I’ve been woefully lacking.



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