Not As Exciting

I’ve heard “successful dieters” say that at some point, it is no longer a “diet.”  There is one point in which they realize that they have changed their lives to be more healthful – their new eating and exercise plans have become the way they do things.  They become a new, healthier person without having to put any thought into it.

I’ve reached that point.  When someone offers me a piece of chocolate cake, I’m not counting the calories in it, figuring out how long I’ll have to exercise to work it off – I’m deciding whether or not it’s something I want to put into my body.  When deciding whether or not I want to exercise, it’s not about reaching some weight loss goal – it’s about how I want to feel.

That being said, I am still weighing myself and I am still working toward my goal.  But, it doesn’t have the same weight (haha) as it did.  Now, it’s out of curiousity instead of desperation.  The weeks in which I lose less than I want don’t get me down because I know they will come off eventually.  I’m making the right choices for my body, and that’s really all that matters.

I weighed myself the other day and noted the number, not thinking much of it.  It wasn’t until later that I realized I had lost 1/3 of the weight I need to lose.  That was kind of exciting.  But, somehow, not enough to make me celebrate.  It was more like, “Cool.”  And then I moved on. 

I’ve been told I need to celebrate my victories.  I need to get a new hair cut or go out to a movie or something to reward myself for a job well done.  When I mention this to my children, they say I need to do so with chocolate cake.  Uh… no.

Somehow, rewarding the weight loss no longer seems appropriate.  It kinda feels like if I do that, it’s about the weight loss and not this new lifestyle I’ve adopted.  The weight loss is secondary now.  I’m in this for life – for my life.  I’m making good choices not for the numbers on the scale, but for the quality and longevity of my life.  Celebrating my weight loss seems like it would be for other people’s satisfaction and not my own.

Sure, I’m still happy with the decreasing numbers, but now it’s about seeing proof that I’m getting healthy, that my new habits are helping me become stronger and more fit for life.


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