Popular Isn’t Necessarily Right

So, Dad Who Shoots Daughter’s Computer is back.  Apparently, Dr. Phil called him out, saying how he humiliated his daughter and how his choice of reactions was poor parenting.

Bravo, Dr. Phil!  I couldn’t agree more.  Granted, I didn’t see the whole clip of what Dr. Phil said, nor do I necessarily agree with all that Dr. Phil says in general.  However, I feel that bit was right on, as I previously mentioned.

Dad felt he had to get back online to defend himself.  His response?  To call Dr. Phil out for doing exactly what he had done (but on the television) and to tell Dr. Phil that popular vote said that he did just what they wish they could do.


First off, Dr. Phil is trying to help.  Yes, he’s trying to make a buck, but I believe he honestly wants to see families become healthy, too.  He’s not aiming to punish anyone or to call anyone out.  He’s not looking to embarrass anyone.  He’s looking to help people and families become closer, happier, and healthier.  There’s a big difference between that and shooting a laptop.

When Dad added the bit about the online poll, asking about his actions and Dr. Phil’s response, he cited it as if it proved him right and Dr. Phil wrong.  Because the general population is so healthy, right?  The divorce rate is skyrocketing, the marriage rate is plummeting, children are having sex, partaking in drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes earlier and earlier, the murder rate is outrageous, theft is a massive problem, and infidelity is rampant.  These are the people you want backing you up in your argument?  Really?

I really hope Dr. Phil doesn’t respond.  I would like to think he’s above it.  But, this is the internet.  I know how it feels to be spoken about incorrectly and feel an almost overwhelming need to get your side of the story out.

I also know that it doesn’t do any good.  Those who want to believe poorly of you will continue doing just that and those who are your true friends know the truth without you having to say a word.

It still sucks!


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