So Proud of My Son!

The other night, I went to my son’s Cheerleader Banquet.  It was quite the eye-opener.  Due to the odd hours of my job, I had been unable to attend any of his performances, so I didn’t know how he was doing.  I know he loves it oh so much.  I know that Coach Vickie (who is also the face of the company who owns my house – what are the odds???) simply adores him.  I had seen snippets of his routines, but never an entire one.

Until I was able to watch the DVD of his performances.  He’s really good!  Not only did he do the routines well, but he put his heart into it.  He took pride in his work and he enjoyed it.  Watching him, it was obvious.

I wonder if he knew exactly how visible he is when he’s up there.  He’s at least a head taller than every one of the girls, he’s got the male uniform, he’s paler than the girls, and his parts in the routines set him apart.  The girls all seemed to blend together, and there was my son, standing out.

And he worked it.  The coaches seemed to have given him parts specifically to make it known that they have a boy on their team.  There were times when the girls were all bending over, making my nearly 6′ tall son stand up tall, doing some fun dance move or striking a pose.  Other times, he was out in front doing jumps or tumbling.  Knowing what a ham he is and how much he loves being the center of attention, I can’t imagine he objected much.

His teammates seemed to really appreciate that he was part of the squad.  He sat to eat dinner with me, but they all wanted him to sit at the table with the rest of them.  I was glad he chose to go to be part of them.  I was also glad my mother was there so he would feel okay leaving me, not worrying that I would be alone.  During the slide show, they all yelled out when they saw his picture.  He was included as one of them, which really made me happy.

After dinner, they gave each of the cheerleaders a certificate and told us all about their amazing qualities.  Coach Vickie went on and on about Michael’s talent, attitude, leadership qualities, etc.  It was no surprise to me since every time I went in to pay my rent, she would go on and on about him.

When she was done, another of the coaches came up to us and went on and on about what a nice boy Michael is.  Literally.  On and on.  Had my buttons not been bursting so forcefully, I might have been embarrassed.

I’ve been thinking about it since then.  Michael is really far braver than I would ever be.  This young man did what no other young man has done in his school for a very long time – he took on the role of cheerleader.  Thinking about my own time in junior high, I would never have been sure enough of myself to do such a thing.  I would have considered all of the ridicule I would have received, and I never would have even tried out. 

That wasn’t his concern.  During his try-outs, he shed a few tears.  It wasn’t fear of what others would say – it was fear of not making the squad.  He knows himself and what he wants and he’s okay with it, no matter how society or his friends might view it.  What an amazing example!

This morning, I’m extremely proud of my son.


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