Stream, Stream, Stream

The Everly Brothers put out a song named, “All I have to do is dream.”

This morning, I heard a commercial on the radio, using that song.  Instead of the word “dream”, they used the word “stream” to encourage people to stream video so they could watch their TV.  I sang along, as I’m sure they wanted me to.

The song continued playing in the background, quietly, as the announcer said all of the things in his scripts.  As he did, I continued singing with the altered word.  At one point, I smiled to myself, knowing what was coming up.  “Only trouble is….  Gee whiz… I’m streaming my life away.”

How appropriate!

How many people get home from work, plop down on the couch, and accomplish nothing else the rest of their day?  Don’t get me wrong – I was once that person.  Now, I do stuff.  I clean.  I play games with the kids.  I look for work.  I work on my book.  I exercise. 

And I couldn’t love it more.  Sure, I still watch about 45 minutes of TV each day.  I watch an hour-long TV show on DVD (without commercials, I don’t waste the full hour) and when it’s done, I turn off the TV and do something else.  The problem with watching it on TV is that you see the advertisement for the next show (or the one after that one) and it hooks you into staying in your sedentary position to continue watching.  The TV execs are quite crafty that way.

People ask me how I can live without TV.  Truthfully, it’s no problem at all.  It’s absolutely worth it!  I feel like I’m a more whole person without it.

I am surprised, however, at how many assignments my children haven’t been able to do because the teacher has assigned something that has to do with watching a particular program.  It always causes their peers to feel pity for them.  I don’t think my kids mind.  Being the attention whores that they are, they usually confess to not having video games, as well, which even astounds their gaming-device-addicted teachers.

I like the way we live.  I’d encourage it to any and everyone.  Once you’re free of it, it’s really liberating!


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