It’s About That Time

Normally, each year, I post at least one blog about camping.  I think it’s time.

All around me, there are signs of camping.  At work, I have to ring up items for guests who are obviously going camping.  While driving around, I smell smoke which reminds me of campfires.  My mother is planning our annual camping trip, which excites me to no end.  The kids have recently mentioned some of our favorite camping foods.

They’re just as ready to go as I am.  It’s been a long time since we’ve been out in nature, and we’re anxious to get back.  Unfortunately, it’s not planned for any time soon.  I have to wait at least a month, possibly two before I get to go.   😦

I used to go a few times each summer.  My boyfriend also liked camping, so we would go as often as we could.  He’s no longer around (Yay!) so I can no longer take as many trips (Boo!)  A part of me considered finding a friend who would be willing to take me camping.  Another part of me considered going alone (don’t worry, Mother.  I’m not that crazy!)

I’m sure a lot of it has to do with happy memories.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are in or near a tent.  Sitting around, listening to oldies, playing cards.  Singing obnoxious songs at the top of our lungs.  Seeing who can makes the best S’mores.  Having dough attack my shoes.  Ah.  Good times!

So, I wait.  Strumming my fingers, dreaming of sleeping on the hard ground, being eaten by mosquitoes, and walking great distances to be able to use the bathroom. 

Wait.  Why do I enjoy camping?


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