So, I had an interview, the other day.  It was so odd!

It was the second interview I had for that position.  The first one was a little odd, but not as much.  It was me sitting in a conference with two other people.  For 20 minutes.  That was it.  “Okay.  That’s all the questions we have for you.”  I actually asked, “Did I not give thorough enough answers?”  They reassured me that, no, they usually did short interviews.  They invited me for a second, so I guess it couldn’t have been too bad.

The second one was very different than a normal interview.  The job is actually two jobs smashed into one.  Two different sections of the company each need a part-time person.  So, I would work for one department in the morning, and then the other one in the afternoon.  The head of each department was represented in the second interview.  Individually.

I started the interview with Don from the first one and another man.  He literally had two questions: In what order do I perform tasks and do I like to have a clean desk.  And then he walked out.  It was so weird!

A few minutes later, a woman came in.  Her part was much more normal.  “Can you give me an example of ___________?”  “Can you tell me of a time when you’ve handled ___________?”  Etc.  Much more normal.  Apparently, the man really threw me off because that’s really all I can think of now. 

Still, with both interviewers and the break, the entire interview only lasted about 15 minutes.  I’ve had initial interviews which have lasted over an hour!  This 15/20 minute thing is just so odd for me.  Is it a good thing?  A bad thing?  Nothing to do with me?  It’s just so odd!

Hopefully, I’ll get a job soon so I won’t have to worry about any more of these blasted interviews.  This whole job-search thing is exhausting, time-consuming, and frustrating!

I need a Big Girl Job!


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