My New Job

For those of you who don’t know, I was recently offered a job, which I accepted.  As of next Monday, I will officially be employed in a full-time, decent paying job, about which I’m VERY excited!

What it is:

Truthfully, the work isn’t all that exciting.  I will be working for a flooring company in Kent.  My day will literally be split between two departments of the company who each needed a part-time worker.  One half of my day will be spent scheduling appointments and the other half will be spent dealing with warranty issues.  I will be working from 7:00 until 3:30.  It’s not my ideal job, but it will pay the bills have I will be able to be home with the children.  I will get benefits right away, which is always nice.

What it means:

Truthfully, this job will bring me more health.  That is why I’m so excited!  How can a job bring more health?  In SO many ways!

Since losing my office job, I’ve spent hours every day looking for work.  For those of you who haven’t had to look for work in a while, let me refresh your memory.  First, you have to find a job which interests you (location, pay, job description, etc.).  You have to plow through hundreds of job postings, trying to find any which would work for you.  When you find one, there are different ways to let them know you’re interested.  For some, you have to fill out their application.  Some of these applications are absurdly detailed and long.  It can take hours to fill them out.  For others, there is no application process, but there is the process of personalizing your resume and cover letter so that it reflects the qualities/experience for which they’re looking.  Some require both application and resume.  And then you wait. 

You might or might not get an interview.  If you get an interview, you then have to research the company (if you haven’t already) and prepare for it.  Making sure your suit is pressed and ready, checking for runs in the stockings, etc.  There was one interview I literally sat for almost an hour, waiting for them to complete the previous one before they saw me.  I’ve had interviews that were well over an hour.  Some of them wanted me to take extensive testing afterwards to prove my abilities.  And then there are the Thank You letters to be individualized for each interviewer and sent that same day.

Whether or not you hear back, you continue your search – e-mailing contacts, phoning, networking, searching.  It’s all such a draining process!  I did all of that, hours every day, in addition to working full time and trying to raise two teenagers.

And now, that’s all over.  I have regained all of those hours of my week. 

What will I do with my time?  Get healthy.  I was concentrating so hard on getting a job that I neglected my health.  I regained some of my weight due to the fact that I used time which I had previously spent exercising for job searching.  I ate whatever was convenient instead of planning and preparing healthy meals.  My sleep suffered as did my meditation time.  All of that will be rectified after I start my new job.

It’s not just my physical health, though.  I felt like every aspect of my life suffered due to my focus on improving my job status.  I didn’t spend any quality time with my children.  I don’t remember the last time I took them on a date.  I hardly spent any time on my book.  Play time was non-existent.   And I was stressed all the time because I knew I couldn’t pay my bills.  Now, I can correct all of that.

I’m so excited to be able to start this new, healthy chapter of my life.  I can’t wait to see what it brings!


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