Personal Worth

While listening to the radio this morning, I heard the DJ mention a net worth of a celebrity.  A few years ago, it was a paltry $1.5M.  She’s worth so much more now!

Seriously?!  You sit on some lame panel, trying to tell young star-wannabees how to improve, you sell a few bottles of over-priced perfume and all of a sudden you’re worth more as a human being?  Sure, she’s beautiful and she can dance.  But, what has she given to society?  I mean, how has she bettered our world?  Why do these above mentioned accomplishments make her worth greater than it was before?

I know, I know.  They’re talking about her financial worth.  I get that.  Unfortunately, today’s society categorizes you based on how much money you have made.

Not how many lives you have saved.  Not how many contributions you’ve given our world.  Not how much joy you bring to the little old people in the home.  Not how many healthy, happy children you’ve raised.  Not the positive influence you’ve given impoverished youth.  You’re judged on how many expensive things you can buy or how many fans you can pack into the seats.


I wish this world would put more emphasis on doing good instead of making money.  How much better of a society would it be if children knew they would be recognized for helping humanity?  How amazing would our world be if “making it big” meant making a big contribution to the health of our planet?  If we rewarded people for being loving instead of being able to dance while lip sync to auto-tuned songs, where would we be?

And then there’s the other side of it.  When I’m rich and famous, will I be concerned with my net worth?  As I sit here, one of my driving factors is to give away much of my wealth.  Will I keep track of my worth?  Will it change how I live?  Will it change how I feel about myself?

Or, will I still be who I am today – more concerned with doing good than making money?


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