Track Champ

Last night was a pretty big deal.  I’m quite thankful I was there to see it.  Had it not been for my new job, I wouldn’t have been able to be there.  I’m also glad my sister was there to share it with us.  She is home for a couple of months from Med School.  My daughter opted not to go, which she now regrets.

What’s the big deal?  My son was the hero of the Track Meet.  All of the other activities had finished except for the high jump.  There they were – a few young men – battling it out to the end.

Oh!  He hit the bar!  It’s bouncing!  Will it fall?

Wow!  Great form!  Surely he’s going to make it!

He’s so tiny!  How can he jump so far?

He’s so big!  How can he jump so high?

My son’s doing really well today.  Will he beat his best height?

My sister, iPhone in hand, video taped each of my son’s jumps.  Since all of the other events were over, the entire team was gathered nearby to see what would happen, cheering, congratulating, and yelling, “Oh!!!” any time the bar fell.

At one point, they started lowering the things which support the bar (I really should learn the terminology!)  I was confused.  Yes, Michael had beaten everyone, but wasn’t he going to get to see just how far he could go?  Huh.  Apparently, he had jumped so high, they had to lower it and use the secondary set so it could be set for the next higher level.

Everyone watched, breath baited, waiting, wondering.  Just how far would he go?  Would he best his best score?  Would he …?  Wait.  Here he goes!  You can do it!  Shhh! ……………..

He did it!  He jumped higher than he had ever jumped before.  In so doing, he also took first place in the district in high jump.  I was (and still am) so proud!

What did we do to celebrate?  He went to cheerleading practice while the rest of us went to dinner.  lol.  That’s how I roll!

He also did well in the hurdles.

It was a very good night.


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