Dear Loved Ones

It really blows that I have to post it, but I’d like this out there.  Just in case.

So, my stalker, after nine long months, is still stalking me.  I was told that if I made no contact for 3 months, he would lose interest.  I can’t seem to shake this psycho.  Something in him seems to be broken.

This week, I tried to get a restraining order.  Apparently, he hasn’t done anything to warrant that.  The most I could get is an anti-harrassment order.  That only protects me.  I’d have to pay over $300 to protect my family.

Well, I’m done with this.  I’m done living in fear.  I’m done with the nightmares and taking safetey precautions.  Done with fear keeping me awake at night.  I’m done taking the high road while he bashes me to anyone who will listen (including people who might actually consider dating me).  I’m done trying to watch what I do and say so I don’t piss him off more.  I’m done.

So, I’m intentionally pissing him off.  I’m trying to get him to escalate so we can finally be done with this.  At least, if he escalates, I can get a restraining order and be done with this crap.

The children are gone and safe.  He can’t hurt them.  I’ve protected myself as well as I can so I don’t think he’ll be able to do me any bodily harm.  But, you never know.  So, I’m posting this in case something happens to me.  If something should happen to me in the next few weeks, look up Darrell Scarlett in Covington.  Point the police his direction.  They haven’t taken me seriously up to this point.  I also saved the last voice mail he left me.  It is full of hatred and bile.  If the cops want to hear it, they are more than welcome to.  I’ve also put a transcription of it onto the blue geek stick in the coin section of my wallet.

I don’t expect anything to happen to me, but I just wanted to cover all of my bases.  He has seen what I did, and now I’m just waiting for the fallout.  Hopefully, it’ll be bad enough so I can get a restraining order but not bad enough that …  Well, whatever.

I promise – my next blog will be full of excitement and joy.  I just wanted to put this somewhere.


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