Too Much Excitement!!!!

Okay.  I just need to face facts.  There’s no way I’m going to be able to sleep tonight.  I should just start some movie marathon and not fight it.

First off, I’m literally hours away from being ready to publish.  Super duper huge yikes!  I had previously set a goal for myself for the end of the summer.  It seemed realistic, but still a challenge.  I guess not.  I finished the second to last step tonight.  Tomorrow, I’m going to do the last step.  I can’t imagine it’ll take me any more than a couple of hours.  A key stroke here, deleting a line there and voila, I’m ready to submit.


I’ve never been this close to submitting before.  I’m terrified-excited.  I’m nervous-giddy.  I’m curious-anxious.

And then there’s Wendell (the latest guy with whom I’m chatting).  He seems pretty cool.  He first e-mailed me this morning, and it looks like we have a date for tomorrow (yes, Mother, it’s going to be in a public place and I’m going to be safe!)  He’s a little short and he’s a Capricorn (the only two negatives I’ve seen so far, which aren’t that major).   He seems intelligent, funny, interesting, and kind.  He’s a massage therapist (yes, please!)  He said since he sees bodies all day long, he’s more attracted to a mind than a body (eases my fat-girl worries, somewhat).  He’s black, so he would definitely stand out at the family gatherings.  Not that I’m leaping to that yet.  I’m just taking a walk in the park with the guy.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

Plus, I want to blog about my vacation, but I simply can’t do so without my pictures (what good is a vacation blog without pictures?!)  I can’t find my camera to upload my pics.  Argh!

Of course, there’s the background noise which tells me I should tidy my living room, wash my dishes, and actually do a load or two of laundry.  Not to mention I need to hang up my new shower curtain, I should wash my bedding, and I probably should go buy some new produce, since it’s been a week and I’m avoiding the old stuff at this point.  There’s also the tiny bit of me that worries that I won’t be kept at my job at the end of my temporary period.  And the legal thing with my ex.  And my thin hair and bad skin.  And I’m wondering if I need to get a new Writer’s Bible since the one I have is from last year.  And I need to create a new budget now that I’m actually making enough money to pay my bills.  And there’s this other guy I’ve been putting off and putting off – what do I say to him?  He really wants a date with me.  And that other guy, too.

I’ve got all this crap buzzing around inside of me like I just had a quadruple shot of espresso.

Any ideas on how to calm down?


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