What a Crazy Ride!

So, today was interesting.

I get off the clock at work and rush to get ready for my date with Mr. Writer.  When I arrive, he was… wait for it… writing.  It was a really cool way to break the ice.  We instantly started talking about writing.  Phew!  I can do this.

It quickly became apparent that he loves his technology.  He sat there and texted – while I was sitting there!  A number of times!  I thought, “How can I gracefully escape?”  At one point, he said, “You don’t think I’m being rude, do you?”

“Yah – a little.” I responded, when what I wanted to say was, “You’re kidding me, right?”

Luckily, he instantly put his toys away.  The conversation wasn’t as easy nor as fun as I’d have liked.  He was enjoying himself much more than I was.  At one point, he got up to throw something away.  On his way back by me, he was massaging my scalp, then kissed it, then leaned in to hug me.  What?!  Are you on Ecstasy?  Hands off, Bucko!

Okay, whatever.

Thankfully, the Meet and Greet (did you notice how it got downgraded during my time with him) didn’t last more than 45 minutes.  He asked me to go out with him again.  I suggested that we do something fun.  Sitting in a coffee house isn’t my idea of fun.  Maybe if we were DOING something, he might be more fun to be with.  He walked me to my car and made a couple of comments about my “GREAT legs” and he told me how beautiful I am.  Is this guy desperate, or what?  He has IMed me a couple of times since then, telling me how beautiful and sexy I am, and how he’s looking forward to seeing me again.  (I am a great date!)

I let him kiss me (note to self – no high heels when going out with this guy) and then got into my car and drove away.  Where was I going? you asked.  Why – I’m glad you asked!  I was on my way to see Mr. Wonderful.  We had a date set for 6:00.  Dinner at IHOP (the kids aren’t around to make me pancakes and you KNOW I CAN’T make pancakes on my own!)

And what was I doing on my way to dinner?  Texting with Mr. Business Owner to arrange a date for Saturday evening.  I felt like such a trollup!  It was WONDERFUL!!!

Just got back from dinner.  Did Mr. Wonderful kiss me?  Nope.  When Mr. Writer kissed me, I felt somehow like I was cheating on Mr. Wonderful.  He has my heart, so to give any part of the rest of me to anyone else feels dishonest.

Did I tell Mr. Wonderful about my date?  Uh-uh.  He had previously asked me to – we’re friends and friends talk to each other.  I’m sure he would have laughed about Mr. Writer’s lack of dating etiquette where cell phones are concerned.  He probably also would have laughed about the height difference.  I thought about telling him a couple of times, but I just couldn’t do it.

So, what’s in store for my date with Mr. Business Owner?  Not sure.  He’s not looking for a long-term relationship (LTR).  He’s just looking for some fun.  Before Mr. Wonderful, that’s what I wanted too.  Maybe I’ll feel more of a connection with him than I did with Mr. Writer.

I’ll wish on a falling star for my fairy godmother to come and take Mr. Wonderful out of my heart.

That’ll work, right?


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