Enter Mr. Geek

And now there’s a new one.  He’s a self-proclaimed geek.  We haven’t met yet, but we both want to.  (How in the world did my schedule become so insanely busy, all of a sudden?  Oh right – the over-active, over-achieving son returned home.  **sigh**

In my spare time **chuckle** I have been doing a lot of chatting with men on-line.  Most experiences have been less than stellar.  lol.  Mr. Spanish class returned, his conversation skills still lacking.  (I have gotten much better at using my “Block” button!)  When I see a man, and the city listed as his hometown is one I’ve never heard of before, I assume it’s too far away.  Or the one who lives on the other side of the state.  Or …. *sigh*  It’s become quite monotonous.

And then Mr. Geek enters the picture.  Cute, can carry a conversation, and likes bigger girls.  Of course, there’s more to him, but I won’t bore you.

What about Mr. Wonderful?  He’s got drama.  A whole lot of drama.  I’m not holding it against him, because the stuff he’s going through, I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  I feel badly for him – I really do.  However, it’s more complicated than that.  He says that he wants to see where things go with us, but then when things get rough, he doesn’t come to me for help, reassurance, comfort, or anything.  He just disappears.  If he was leaning on me, at least that would be something.  He’s just… not around.

In my loneliness, Mr. Geek enters.  He is fun.  He freely gives compliments.  And he wants to spend time with me.  The three things I’ve been wanting in a summer fling.

So, now we just have to find time to meet.  He lives relatively close.  Maybe we can manage a Meet-n-Greet on Monday while my son is at practice.

Here’s hoping.


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