The List is Growing

So, a few years back, I opted not to use the “Block” button on dating sites.  I felt it was rude and uncalled for.  I thought everyone could be handled in a kind and respectful way.

I’ve realized, they don’t all deserve kindness.

My “Blocked List” grows, almost daily.  I’ve blocked Spanish Class Guy, Mr. Pervy (actually, a lot of them), and others who have a hard time understanding “No, thank you.”

Tonight, I blocked Mr. Persistent.  We had a date set up.  Last night, we were chatting online.  He asked if I wanted to video chat.  I told him, no, that I was a mess didn’t want to.  He asked if I texted.  I told him that, no, I am not very good at it, so I don’t do too much of it.  Later, the same two questions came up.  And again.  And again.

Okay. Maybe he’s just chatting with so many women that he can’t remember who he’s asked.  Maybe he’s forgetful.  Maybe he’s used to getting his way.

Maybe he’s a control freak who demands that he get his way on everything and would make my life a living hell.

Okay.  Calm down.  Chat with him tonight and feel him out.

Yah, that didn’t go so well.  He invited me to chat – right as I was getting ready to go to bed.  I accepted the chat and apologized, saying that he had the worst timing (the last three times he’s wanted to chat, I had to be brief or deny the request due to needing to take care of something else).  When I apologized tonight, he said something about me being sorry… or it being a really nice excuse.

I didn’t even bother being polite.  I told him off.  I told him that I didn’t like the way he wasn’t being respectful of me when I said no.  I told him that I don’t lie because I don’t need to.  I told him that I didn’t appreciate being called a liar.  And I told him not to contact me again.

And then I blocked him.

It felt amazing!

Maybe me using the “Block” button will be really good for me – a way to get rid of men and a way to empower myself.

I’m getting excited about this!  I think my list will only keep growing!


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