Was It Cheating?

In school, we’re given tests.  Most of the time, we’re given material to study so we will be better prepared for the tests.  We must know the correct spelling of words in the current unit, which equations to use in our math test, and that it was Columbus who discovered The New World.

We aren’t (usually) given the exact answers for the exact questions (although, I did have that happen from time to time as a study guide).

Here’s my problem – I had a study guide, which I was given months ago.  I  knew, before taking the tests today, that the study guide sitting in my e-mail would give me the exact answers for the test.  I had been given that guide by someone who had wanted me to pass the test for a different company months prior.  Since she gave it to me, it was a study guide, not a cheat sheet, right?

Well, I couldn’t find it yesterday.  I looked, but was unable to locate it.  So, I used the online tutoring for which I had previously signed up and studied.  FOR HOURS!!!  When my head was hurting and my eyes were crossed, I quit for the evening.  And picked it back up first thing this morning.  Plodding through it, only understanding about half of it, I finally (kinda) successfully completed it.

And gave it another shot, looking for that study guide.  I found it!  I was so relieved.  With 45 minutes to spare, I quickly went though both “tutorials.”  As expected, it gave me the exact answers for the questions I would be asked (I had seen half of them yesterday).

Armed with my new knowledge, I sat down to take the test.  Thank heavens it was a pass/fail!  I scored a 78% on Excel and 98% on Word (70% is passing).

Now, could I have passed without the “tutorial”?  Possibly.  I’m not sure.  I do know, however, that I have no idea what “concatenate” means or for what it’s used.  I do know that I passed that question solely because of the tutorial.  I recognized the question and knew that I was supposed to type “=CONCATENATE(A2,B2)” so I did to get it right.

Yah, that sounds a lot like cheating.  Darnit!

But, in truth, I think I could have passed it on my own.  And – it’s not like I took a cheat sheet in with me.  That info came from my head, which is what they want right?


Feeling kinda guilty.

But, then again, is my potential, future boss really gong to ask me to  concatenate something?  I mean, really?

And, at least I took the steps to study!  It’s not like I just sat back, watched soap operas, and gave up.  I tried!  I studied for hours yesterday.  And I learned some stuff from that (I had no idea how many cool things could be done on Word and Excel!)

Yah, still feeling guilty.  Oh well.


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