Too Good to be True?

So, last night, I was hoping that Mr. Mustang would cancel on me.  Well, he did.  I was relieved, and yet disappointed.

And then I got to thinking (never a good thing!)  What if it is all just too good to be true?  This great guy seems to be really into me.  Yes, it’s sad that I don’t beleive that a great guy would be into me, but that’s how I feel right now, and I’m okay with that.

But… now there’s doubt.  What if he’s married?  What if he double-booked and decided to keep his date with the other woman?  What if he’s a scammer?  What if…

Oh, I don’t know.  The doubt that I had before was based on me – how I look, etc.  Now, the doubt is based on him.  Now, I have doubt that he is who he says he is.  I mean, he did seem to get attached to me awfully quickly.  Truthfully, I liked it better when the doubt was based on me.  At least that way, I didn’t feel like I might be getting duped.

So, I feel myself withdrawing from him a bit, just to protect myself.

I hate dating!  I should just quit and get 15 cats!


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