All Fired Up! And Now, Not So Much

Yesterday morning, someone commented on my blog, basically daring me to get 30,000 words done in four days.  Knowing I could do it, I started out to prove it.  I mean, when I wrote my first NaNoWriMo book, my first three days averaged out to about 10,000 words a day.  I could totally do it!

Just give me a challenge and then stand back and watch me amaze you!

And then life happened.

I had planned on studying for and taking a test today.  No biggie.  I could still squeeze out 10,000 words.  But then I realized this might be my last change to mow my lawn.  So I did that.

And then someone called me about a job (at the company which would be my first choice) and said they needed two letters or recommendation.  I had previously contacted three people about it.  Apparently, none of them did anything about it.  I was told that if I want that job, I would need those letters of recommendation.  This meant reminder e-mails and new calls to other people who might be willing to write one for me.

One of my bosses actually told me to write the letter for him and then e-mail it to him so he could adjust it, as needed.  That was an odd exercise!  I mean, who writes their own letter of recommendation?  Did I come across sounding cocky and arrogant, or was it well written?  Does my boss think of me like that at all, or was I way off base?  It was really weird doing that!

And I had another person call me about two different jobs.

Unfortunately, both of those calls came in while I was taking the test, which, of course, is timed.  So, I called the lady who received the results, telling her about my delayed time due to the phone calls.  Her response?  She re-sent it to me so I could take it again.

All in addition to the shower I took in the morning and the second one I took after mowing the lawn, my day was shot.  It was time to start dinner and start winding down.  I only got about 5,000 words done yesterday.

Today, my day is pretty empty.  Oh – except for spending two hours at the library, looking for work.  And I might swing by the unemployment office to do their mock interview.  And carting my son to and from practice.  And making dinner.  And maybe paying bills.  If I work hard, maybe 5,000 words?

Tomorrow, the only thing on my schedule is laundry.  So, I can realistically write 10,000 words that day.  Friday, I have an interview and another appointment, followed up by taking my son to his father for visitation.  I’ll be really lucky if I get 5,oo0 words done that day!

In addition to what I did yesterday, that leaves me 5,000 words short.

Oh, sure!  I could stay up until 2:00 am each day working on my book.  Right now, obtaining a job is way more important to me than finishing a second NaNoWriMo book.  I did what I has set out to do – which is way more than I’ve ever done before and more than many have done.  I wrote a book in November.

Even if I am painfully close to finishing the darn thing.  Even if I set a goal for myself.  Even if someone did dare me.  (Can you hear me fighting with myself?!)

I need to make sure I stay healthy for the next couple of weeks while I go through interviews.  I need to eat and sleep regularly so my body and mind are prepared for whatever is ahead of me.  I need to present my best self, so my second NaNo book will just have to become a regular book.  It has officially lost its NaNo title.

There’s a small part of me which is grinding my teeth, wishing I could have accomplished it, but I’m going to have to admit defeat.  I was only able to write a book and a half in one month.


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