Removing the Sting

A part of me has almost been in mourning about the fact that I won’t get my second NaNoWriMo book done.  It is extremely rare that I don’t meet a goal that I have set for myself, and even more unusual for me not to rise to a challenge which someone else has set for me.  Working toward the long-term, it makes sense for me to set my book aside and concentrate on other things at the moment.

Yesterday, I did some stuff which kinda took the sting out of it.  I was playing around on the NaNo website when I saw that there was “stuff” for winners.  All sorts of excited, I checked it out.  There’s actually a certificate you can print out, which I very proudly did.  I’m gonna frame it.  It may seem stupid to some, but I’m quite proud that the first year I attempted writing a book in November, I succeeded.

The second one was to download the fancy-schmancy award you see near the top, right-hand side of my blog (take a second, check it out.  I’ll wait.)  I’m pretty stoked about that one.  Not everyone can put that onto their blog page!

And then I found out that there is a company who will print five copies of my book for me.  That is seriously cool!  But, the problem is – I want to see a copy of the first book of my series, not the third.  Plus, the first one is way closer to being completed than the one I just wrote.  I’ll have to look into it and see if I can get the first one printed.

So, today I’m doing better with the fact that I only wrote a book and a half in November.  I mean, look at all the cool stuff I get!


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