Gotta Brag

So, I’ve always been one who sees bumpber stickers and wonders why anyone would deface their car in such a way. I mean – I get that you feel strongly about something, but it’s your CAR! That’s a valuable item you could sell one day, and bumper stickers do not add to the value of it.

And then my son became student of the month – twice in one month! And again in the next month! I get it! I finally get it. I’m so very proud of him, his accomplishments, and all that he’s doing, that I want to tell the world about this amazing kid that I have!

Last month, he got … actually, I’m not sure what he got. I don’t think it was student of the month. Maybe student of the quarter? or something like that? And the Rotary Club gave him an award on the same day. It was really cool. It was for leadership (I’m a terrible mom and I have no idea what the first one was for). Student of the month this month is for “Kindness.” How freakin’ cool is that?! I mean seriously! I’ve got a great kid, and others recognize it, too!

He’s also a cheerleader, a star at track, and he’s on the WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) Crew – it’s where he helps the “sevies” get adjusted to middle school. He’s in the choir and he’s done orchestra. He’s always one to help set up and clean up afterwards. Last year, at a track meet, he was helping other high jumpers (his specialty) with their technique. Did I mention it was kids from the OTHER school? He’s just that kind of kid.

Last night, I was so proud of him! It was the Winter Choir Concert. He was one of the two boys in the choir. The other boy was a soprano (?!) so my son had to carry the bass part alone. There were a few times that he had an unintended solo (the bass was supposed to have the melody and the others were supposed to harmonize with him – all of the other basses and tenor didn’t bother to show up). My little man sang out strong and true, impressing all of the audience with not only his singing abilities, but also his bravery (I would NEVER have been brave enough to do such a thing!) There were a couple of true solos during the concerts – they had a microphone and the rest of the choir was basically silent. He held his own sans mic and with those around him singing, some at full-tilt. He was amazing!

So, yah – I get it. I would love to deface my car and tell the world about my great


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