Bullet Dodged

For those of you who don’t know – my relationship with my father is non-existent. I chose years ago to remove a cancerous person from my life and I never regret that choice.

My relationship with my daughter is … strained to say the least.

This morning, she texted me, asking me if she could call me later in the day. I told her I would be available in the afternoon.

The call never came. In the evening, I checked my caller id to see if I might have missed her call. I had previously checked the voice mail, but hadn’t checked the caller id. Guess what I saw when I looked? Her name and number? Nope.

My father’s.

Or, at least I assume it was my father. I have no idea where my father lives, but the city shown on caller id might have been from his cell phone from years ago (same city listed).

Why in the world would my father call me? I made it clear years ago that I wanted nothing to do with him. I told him very clearly why. I have never given him any indication that anything has changed.

And then I connected the dots. When I was talking to my father, but my sister wasn’t, he used to get me to pass messages to her – Love you. Miss you. etc. Did he have my daughter find out when I would be available so he could call me?

It’s just so wrong! The girl with whom I don’t communicate comfortably plotting against me with the man with whom I don’t communicate.

I’m just thankful that I wasn’t home when he called.

I’m counting my blessings!



  1. kanundra

    Family can be a very strange thing. My husband won’t have anything to do with his any more because of the way they treated him when his sister died. Hope the rest of the holidays are good for you 🙂

    • That’s sweet of you to say. Thank you. Actually, I had a wonderful day! I chose not to let that change my mood at all. I had a wonderful day with my mother, who is one of my best friends. His number on my caller id was just kinda a side note which reminded me that my Higher Power is looking out for me.

      And my big family Christmas is still coming! We’ll celebrate as a family in about a week. Yay! I hope you had a Christmas filled with joy!

      • kanundra

        🙂 I am glad it was a good day. That is awesome.

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