Do Something Today

Sorry. I know there’s a dangling participle. I wish I could change it (to the point that I’m cringing) but I can’t change Master Liu’s grammar.

But, I love the idea behind it. Do something today for which your future self will thank you. That’s so empowering! You have the ability to change what your future self thinks of your present self, to alter your future into the one you have always wanted.

Remember back in the 80s when you had that really bad hair? Or that guy you dated who really didn’t deserve your attention? Or that opportunity you let pass by? Now you have the chance to right a wrong before you even do it. When a chance presents itself, you are empowered to look at it and make the choice for which your future self will thank you. How amazing is that?

2012 wasn’t my favorite year. It had a lot to do with things that happened to me – things over which I had no control. Instead of letting them ruin my year, I chose to stand up and make the best of a bad situation. As I look back now on the things I did with the hand I was dealt, I can be thankful for and proud of the choices which my past self made. Sure, there is one I regret, but it’s really nice to look back and be happy with the actions I took, for the most part.

I plan to make 2013 even better. Knowing what it feels like to appreciate the choices I made, I plan to continue to do just that. I will consciously make choices for which my future self will be thankful. I will do the things which will make my future better and brighter, taking me closer to where I want to be, making me the person I want to be. I will create the future I want by making good choices every day.

I’m not going to wish you a happy new year. I’m going to wish you a productive new year, filled with good choices of which you can be proud and will create the life you want.


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