My Birthday Celebration

My birthday is tomorrow.  With everyone’s schedules, yesterday was the only day we all had to get together to celebrate.  My mother asked how I wanted to spend my day, and what I wanted to do was enjoy a dining exerience.  At first, I thought of a Japanese steak house where they cook in front of you or the local fondue joint where you cook your own food at your table.  And then I remembered a place about which my mother had told me.  She claimed that they gave you peanuts and you were encouraged to throw the shells on the floor.  So, when I called her that morning, I told her I wanted to go to the “Peanuts on the floor place.”  She instantly knew what I meant and agreed that it was a great idea.

She finished the idea by suggesting we check off a couple of things from my Bucket List (more about that later).

Upon arriving at Jimmy Mac’s Roadhouse, my mother and I scooped up a bowl full of peanuts and followed the hostess to our seats.  I was pleasantly surprised at how peanutty the peanuts were.  Maybe they were roasted in some sort of special way, or they were fresh or… I don’t know, but they were really good.  I told my son (who had refused to grab a bowl of his own, because he’s too cool) how delicious they were.  He stole one out of my bowl and agreed that they had extra peanut deliciosity.  Of course, he then continued to eat my peanuts.  Oh well, he knows better now.


And then, of course, there was the fact that we could throw our shells on the floor.  All three of us had a hard time with that.  We’re all rule-followers, so we were all a tad challenged by this.  We threw them under the table, instead of out in the walk-way, because we were less likely to get caught, that way.  I mean, they might throw us out if they saw us littering on the floor, right?  Even though their menu advertised “peanuts on the floor,” we still felt …. wrong.  I mean, who throws food garbage on the floor of a restaurant?

But, after a while, we got into it.  We were quite stealthy with it, playing games with each other, trying to hit each other’s shoes under the table.  My son even struck gold when he beaned his grandmother’s shin.  It was quite amusing, once we got into it.


And then we dug into the bread.  Holy cow!  I was informed that both the bread and the butter were sweatened.  All I know is they could have served it for dessert!  Yummo!  I also asked for a sample of their crawfish chowder.  Now, I’m a HUGE fan of chowder, smoked salmon chowder being my all-time fave.  It might have just been replaced.  I’d never had crawfish before, so I was a little intimidated, but holy macinoly!  This chowder was amazing!  I was tempted to have a meal of just the chowder and bread!


But, I wanted an experience.  Rumor had it that they served their burgers on hubcaps.  Seriously.  The menu claimed that they weren’t scavenged from the freeway, but bought new, so I felt relatively safe.  And the burger I chose sounded amazing!  Burger, bacon, onion ring, pickles, tomato, lettuce, onion, BBQ sauce and swiss, cheddar, and pepperjack cheeses.  Since my mother is a vegetarain (which, of course is Native American for “bad hunter”) I was given her bacon.  I was in carnivore heaven!  I opted for sweet potato fries instead of steak fries or shoestrings.


Before leaving, I had to make a stop at the little girls’ room (because, it is me, after all).  And the experience continued!  Not only was it decorated in the theme of the restaurant, but the employees seemed to not only discourage, but possibly encourage graffiti.  It was on all of the walls, in various sizes, colors, and writing styles.  Some of it had obviously been removed, but we assumed that those weren’t appropriate for families.  It was really fun to see all of the little notes there.


I exited the bathroom, holding up my hand to my mother to let her know that I hadn’t finished in there, so she couldn’t go in there just yet.  I grabbed my camera (which must have seemed quite odd to my fellow diners) and went back in to take some pictures.  When I returned to the table, my expression told my family that something was up.  My mother took her turn in there, but she was taking an awfully long time.  When she opened the door, she called to me, telling me to bring my camera.  I’m not allowed to say more, but I’ll let this picture speak its thousand words:


(In case you can’t read that, it says, “Happy B-Day Teri.”)  I wonder how that got there?

And my day continued.  It sounds silly, but I heard about a Target store which has two floors.  Obviously, there needs to be a way to get the carts to the second floor and back again.  They solved this problem with a special escalator.  I’d heard about it and always wanted to see it, so I was taken to that particular Target to experience the escalator first hand.  I felt silly and looked like a tourist, taking pictures in the big city with their new-fangled moving staircase.  But, it was something I’d wanted to do for 2 years, and now I can say that I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.

2013-01-12 14.44.08

My mother has also been telling me about some bathrooms in a mall up north which were amazing.  So, we spent some time driving up there to experience the bathrooms.  The stalls were huge!  I was in fat girl heaven!  No fighting to get the door passed my extra large bootay, no struggling with elbow room.  And there were even extra hangy things for purses and packages.  Again, I felt silly, but now I can say that I’ve done it.

In the process, we listened to some good music, did some shopping, saw some new-to-us malls, and enjoyed each other’s company.  It was a very good way to celebrate my birthday.


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