Do It! Do It NOW!!

You know me and my plans.  I had fully intended to have a do-nothing weekend.  I’ve been pushing myself so hard for the past few months, hardly ever taking time to rest.  I’m pushing myself to the point that my body is rebelling, so I’ve started backing off a bit, but I still have so much to do that I don’t feel I can just take it easy for any amount of time.  I was going to force myself to watch movies and rest all weekend.  I was determined.  It was planned.  I was looking forward to it.  I…

Yah, not gonna happen.

My book is absolutely screaming at me.  For the past few months, the plan was to begin submitting my book to agents in February.  I’ve been pushing myself so hard in other areas of my life that my book has been dormant for months (SO not good!)  This week, it has stood up and demanded attention.  Today, it reached a boiling point.  I actually had a woman tell me that I had to finish my book this weekend.  Today was the first day we had ever spoken about me being a writer, I gave her a brief synopsis of my book, and she demanded that I finish it so she can read it.  The thing is – she and her daughter are my target audience.  It’s absolutely perfect.

Not to mention that my situation is one which is pushing me to finish my book so I can change my situation.  Yes – I know – finishing my book isn’t a Get Out of Jail Free card.  But, it’s the closest thing I have to one, so I’m gonna give it my all.

Not to mention that with all of the ill-treatment I’ve been receiving at work, it finally dawned on me that what I’ve learned from it might be a really great addition to my book (more writing – just when I think I’m so close to being done!)

But, the fire is lit again.  I hope to finish  my book this weekend.  I’m not sure if that’s realistic, but I’m gonna give it a shot.  It’s a relatively short book, hopefully any remaining changes will be minor, and I don’t have any other plans.  It just might be possible.

If you don’t hear from me all weekend, you’ll know why!


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