Not So Terrified

My goal was to submit to agents in the beginning of February.

That came and went.

Okay.  I’ll admit it.  I’ve been dragging my feet.  I’ve never written a query letter.  I’ve looked all over at how I should write one.  You know what I found out?  I need to have what I don’t have.  I need to either be able to say, “I’ve had this published here,” or “I’m the right person to write this book because I’ve (studied it, lived it, etc.)”  I don’t have either of those.  I’ve got nothing.  Without this, an agent can’t sell me to a publishing house.

And this caused me great fear.  I mean – if nobody wants to agent me, there’s no way I can get published (I’m NOT doing the self-publishing thing!)  So, I’ve been stewing.

Saturday, I went to this thing at the library.  It was five local, published authors in the same genre in which I’m writing.  They introduced themself and their books, and then opened the floor to questions.

Oh!  Me!  Me!

So, I asked my question.  Could I get published without having anything previously published or any special experience or knowledge in a particular area.  They stifled their laughs.  Apparently, those things aren’t needed.  All that is needed is good writing.


I was so relieved!  Now, I can more forward.  I can set my dream into motion.

Oh wait.  I’m still working two jobs and looking for another. While raising my son on my own.  And trying to lose weight.  And trying to maintain my house.

In my spare time, I’ll work on my book.


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