Catching Up

Life has been crazy! I know you’re shocked – your life is so dull, right?


So, since I’ve been too busy to blog, I’ll to do a quick re-cap:

The job hunt is still ongoing. And tortures me on a daily basis. Ooo! Great job opportunity! Oh, they’re hiring from within after I jumped through all of their hoops. Oh! Another one! Not even a response to my resume. Hey! Here’s another one. They want what when? I have to get my driving record in 2 days? Yah – right! I actually woke up this morning, trying to figure out how to make things work so my application would be complete. It’s ridiculous! I wish I could just get paid to write!

Speaking of that – yah, I’ve done nothing with it. I gave my manuscript to that mom/daughter duo. Mom had returned it, but Daughter hasn’t. Mom read it in 2 days and is demanding the next book. That’s great news! Daughter hasn’t finished it. That news is no so great. I’m hoping she’s just too busy to read it, but I can’t verify that. I’ve been so busy/tired that I haven’t made time to work on my manuscript. At all. **hanging my head in shame**

Valentine’s Day was really good. Spent a part of it with my son until I was too tired to stay up any longer. I made him a giant cookie, of which he at half that night (seriously?!) My sister’s Valentine’s Day card is still sitting on my couch because I haven’t made it to the PO to buy stamps. I’ll see my mother today to give her card to her.

My job is painfully boring. Seriously. It’s awful! But, I knew that going in. Unfortunately, next week is a 4-day work week. Since I get paid hourly and don’t get paid vacations, I asked my boss if I could work 4-10s. She said, “If we have enough to keep you busy.” Which means no. Luckily, I know this ahead of time, so I can save some money this week to make sure I have enough for rent at the beginning of next month (thank heavens my mother taught me to budget!)

But, I am looking forward to my three-day weekend. Today I’m going to work on my resume with my mother for a government job (if I can find a way to jump through all of their hoops) and then go to my grandpa’s house to help clean. Tomorrow I’ll probably (hopefully) clean my house. Monday I get to watch the final Twilight movie! Yay!!! Hopefully, somewhere in there I’ll rest. Although, sleeping in doesn’t seem to be an option. I was up at 4:00 this morning. Ugh!

Have a great weekend!


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