My son has fish.  First he adopted Lola.  Just a goldfish, no special markings.  What good is having a Lola without also having a Tony?  White at the front, gold at the rear.  Of course, you can’t have a Lola and a Tony without having a Rico.  Rico had a mustache and a crewcut, along with other black marks on him.  Lola died, so we adopted Pearl, a lovely little fish who is a beautiful pink pearlescent color.

Two nights ago, Rico and Pearl were aggressively attacking Tony, who seemed to have gotten slightly chubby around the midsection.  I looked it up on the Internet and found out that when a female (Toni?) is ready to give birth, the males (Rico and… Pearl?) will knock against the pregnant fish’s abdomen to help her give birth.

So, Tony is a Toni and Pearl should have been named Paul.

Huh.  Who knew?

We had no reason to assume the genders of the fish, we just did.  Looking at the growth rate of Pearl, Rico, and then Lola, I’m guessing she might have been a male, too.  (Toni hasn’t grown very much.)

What else do I assume that is completely baseless and totally wrong?

When I pass the homeless man who is begging on the corner and I assume he’s a lazy drunk, I could be way off.  He could have fought for my country, be suffering from a raging case of PTSD, and have no way to keep a job and support himself.  When I assume the Welfare Mom is cheap, easy, and lazy, I might be extremely far from the truth.  She might have lost her husband in a war, or maybe she escaped from an abusive husband and is trying to make a fresh start.

When I see brussel sprouts and assume they’re nasty, I could be wrong.

No – I’m right.  Brussle sprouts are gross every time.


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