“I’m Getting Fired.”

No, not me. My co-worker said that. And, she was wrong, as I tried to assure her. Our boss told us that a placement agent (the same one that placed my co-worker in her current position) would be calling, and my co-worker assumed that it was to find a replacement for her.

But, she did have reason to fear. Honestly, I would be surprised if she’s not currently looking for work. Every morning, she dreads coming to work. All day, she’s bored and miserable. Some of it is her fault, some is not.

Our boss doesn’t give her enough to keep her busy. Obviously, that’s not her fault. Sitting at her computer, surfing the Net in front of our boss is her fault.

She could do things differently so she’s not so bored. I’m busy almost all day long, every day and my work load isn’t any bigger than hers. I take my time doing things, doing them thoroughly. She takes the quick route, figuring she can do the tidying up later. Granted, this does make things quicker, but when you’ve got nothing to do, it doesn’t make sense to do things quickly.

I also find work to do and create work for myself.

She is quite vocal about how displeased she is with her job. A number of times, she’s said (loudly enough for anyone to hear) that she hates her job. That doesn’t endear your boss to you, nor does it make your boss feel secure that you’re going to stay in your job.

Oddly enough, this morning, when she thought she was going to be canned, she found stuff to do. She was busy all morning. After lunch, I had found out that she wasn’t being replaced. I told her and found her playing online all afternoon. Apparently, she’s not too worried about being sacked, anymore.


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