Why Is It…

Who starts social mores? Where do they originate? And why do we keep them around?

Why is saying the word, “penis” a bad thing? Or “vagina”? Who decided that the word penis is taboo? And why? Every man out there has one and everyone knows what he’s got. It’s no different than saying, “arm” or “eyeball”. Why do people gasp any time the word “penis” is uttered in public? It’s just a word, folks! And it’s not even inflammatory. I won’t say the “N” word because it is offensive. But penis? Seriously?

Why is passing gas something embarrassing? In my house, we have a rule – you can pass gas all you want, where ever you want… until it starts smelling. Then you’ve got to take your smelly butt where there aren’t any noses around, other than your own, of course. We all get gas, from the day we’re born. There’s little to nothing we can do about it. If we don’t release it, it can be quite painful. Why should we have to excuse ourselves to another room to expel it – especially in our own home (usually by the time I reach the bathroom, it’s stuck and I can’t get it out)? Why should children be embarrassed about an accidental toot in class when it’s a perfectly normal body function? If we all stopped thinking it was so embarrassing, children would have less to fear and be embarrassed about.

Why do we play games when it comes to dating/love? Dating is hard enough without all of the subterfuge. I refuse to play them. If I’m curious about how someone’s feeling, I’ll ask. If I want to say something, I say it. Granted, I always try to say things with tact (okay, maybe not always – my ex is an exception), but I’m not afraid to say, “I’m not comfortable with that.” I’ve seen it too many times – relationships fail simply for a lack of communication. Each partner is afraid to say how they’re really feeling, and things fall apart. If we would just be honest and open with each other, how much better would things be? How many marriages could be saved? “Honey, I’m not getting enough of your time,” is actually quite easy to say. It’s so much easier than divorce court!

So, we don’t know who started all of these ridiculous rules, but how can we change them? Can we rise up as one and say, “Enough! If I want to fart on public transportation, I’m gonna and I’m not gonna be embarrassed!”

lol. Yah – that’s so not going to happen.


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