Flight 93

So, we’re all thinking about 9/11 today, feeling our own personal feelings about the day. It was the first incident of my life where I can say, “I remember where I was when I heard the news.” I had never experienced anything like that before. The loss of life, the shock, the decrease of my feeling of safety, and so many other changes that have happened in our world, due to the tragedy.

Instead of dwelling on that, I would like to take a moment to remember the heroes who were on Flight 93.

We all know the story – their plane was hijacked, they found out about the attack which had already taken place, and they acted in such a way to derail the hijackers’ plans, sacrificing themselves in their act of heroism.

I’ve read that they saved our country’s foundation – the image of our nation – our capitol. I think they saved something much more important – lives. Structures can be rebuilt. Heck, contact Ty Pennington from Extreme Make-over: Home Edition and get that thing rebuilt in under a week. But people cannot be re-made. Families cannot be whole again once they’ve lost a loved one. Hearts cannot be unbroken. When I think of those heroes, I think of not only the lives they saved, but the relationships. Children will grow up with their parents, husbands and wives can continue to drive each other nuts, and Christmas dinners will have all of the chairs filled. The sacrifice of those heroes permitted that.

I would like to think that I would have been that brave, that selfless. I would like to think that I would have been rational enough, logical enough to know that I was going to die and that my death could mean something. I hope those amazing people are able to see the beautiful gift they have given to those whose lives they saved and to the families of those people. I hope the families of the heroes have found at least a small amount of peace, knowing that the death of their loved ones was anything but in vain.

Today, when you’re thinking about those thousands who died in the towers, give a moment to think about those 40 passengers who intentionally gave their lives to make our world a better place than it would have been, had it not been for their brave, selfless act.


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