Who Decides?

Okay. I’m taking issue again with society making decisions with which I don’t agree.

Before, it was bikini baristas. People were in an uproar because women were selling coffee in their bikinis. **GASP!!** I mean, really! They wash cars in their bikinis, play volleyball in their bikinis and roller blade in their bikinis – generally all out in public. Why is selling coffee within the confines of a building any worse?

The latest thing to get my panties in a bunch is an article about Miley Cyrus. She is wearing see-through pants without panties **GASP!!**

Um… she’s more covered up than those bikini-clad volleyball players! She’s probably more covered than some of the dancers in Dancing with the Stars. All of her secret bits are covered. Heck – she’s wearing far more than she did in her latest video!

I often run around in my nightgown while I’m in my home. For some reason, I feel less covered when I’m in my swimming suit, even though I’m far less likely to accidentally flash someone when I’m wearing swimming gear. Why is it that I feel as if I’m half-naked when I go outside in my fluffy, long bathrobe, despite the fact that I’m normally more covered than I would be in my every day clothes? It’s all just so odd!

Why are some forms of undress okay, while others are not acceptable? And who gets to decide that?


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