I’m SO Ashamed!

Today, I saw a link on Facebook which I followed, the title of it piquing my morbid curiosity. Now, I’m just disgusted.


For those who don’t click on the link – I’ll give you the short version. This year’s Miss America was crowned this weekend. She was a New Yorker who is of Indian descent. People (I use that word because my mama told me if I can say anything nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all) tweeted racist comments about her being a terrorist and that it was unsympathetic to the victims of 9/11 to allow her to be crowned.

If you did click on the link, there is a link at the bottom, where the posts get even worse.

Is that what we, as Americans, have become? Yes, we are all sensitive to 9/11. Unfortunately, some have let fear override their basic logic and reasoning.

American is the great Melting Pot. Give me your weak, your tired, your poor, but heaven forbid they should have a name you find hard to pronounce! This woman was born in our country. She suffered through the same public school system the rest of us did. She said probably droned the pledge of allegiance with the rest of us. She probably wept and worried during the terrorist attack on 9/11. She is no more a terrorist than Grandma Mable or Uncle Fred.

What this does is remind me that I am so thankful to live in the Pacific Northwest. Here, rampant (disgusting) racism isn’t socially acceptable. Here, close-minded people are in the minority and frowned at, if not publicly denounced. I live in such an accepting, tolerant area that the idea of racism still being socially allowed in other parts of my country is bothersome, to say the least.

Which brings up another issue. Paula Dean just had her first public presentation since her racism became visible to the public. She was applauded by the audience. She specifically chose Texas because she assumed she would be accepted better there. I think she was right – from what I’ve heard, Texas is more accepting of racism. That’s not how I’d want my state to be known!

What is it that we can do, as a people, to educate those who are still living in the 19th century? What will it take to let people know that we are all one race – the human race? How can we teach people to be color-blind? Or, is it possible for those who are still in the dark to finally be able to see the light on their own?

I’m thankful for the above site – at least they are doing their small bit to shame those whose words are so vile and full of hate. Will those racists be embarrassed? Will they even understand that what they are saying is repugnant? Or, will they see it as their 15 minutes of fame and show their whole family?


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