Not a Murderer

Today, I’ve been pondering murder. Seriously. I’m honestly wondering if I should commit an act which I never before would have done.

I’m considering killing off one of my characters. And not just the antagonist – one of the characters my readers are supposed to really like.

Here’s the thing – I have a hard enough time offing the antagonist. How in the world am I supposed to do in someone I like? When I was writing the climax of my story, I realized the antagonist had to die. While I was okay with this, I tried to do it in the most delicate/self-caused way possible. How in the world as I supposed to murder one of the characters I like?

I’ve already set it up to kill him. I couldn’t do it. I backed off from it.

That’s right. I’m a coward. A pansy. A yeller-bellied blah blah blah.

And yet, now I wonder if killing him would give my manuscript more punch. It would only mean a few changes here and there in my book. Writing the changes wouldn’t be time-consuming at all.

It would be difficult, though. I don’t like murder. At all. And this would be straight up, brutal murder. **shudder**

However, it would show that one of the protagonists has pure faith, it would show the level of fear of the antagonist, and it would make the reader feel something. It all sounds good, right?

Ugh! But it’s murder!



  1. If killing the character aids the plot, im afraid you will just have to commit the awful act. (:

    • **sigh** Yah, I’ve been afraid of that. Thanks for the input!

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