Stolen Goodies

I walked into the grocery store for a quick trip. Buy some milk – in/out.

On my way through the store, I saw a small pack of pre-pubescent boys huddled near the crackers. In their hands, they held pieces of candy bars, which they quickly stuffed into their mouths, pocketing the empty wrappers.

I gave them a dirty look, but continued on my way to the milk. Should I do anything? Would it do any good? I spotted a man stocking pies and told him about the boys. He thanked me and then continued stacking pies. On my way back, I saw him turn the corner to look at the boys and then return to his pies without doing anything. Nope. Didn’t do any good.

When I approached the self-checkout, I noticed the boys were going to another employee-less lane. I told the nearby man and woman donned in matching bright green shirts asking “How did I do today?” about the hoodlums who had empty candy wrappers in their pockets.

What they did next amused me to no end. It was like an Abbott and Costello bit. First, the woman asked (very loudly, so all around could hear – especially the boys), “Who would steal candy?” They continued to have a very loud conversation about wrappers in pockets, calling parents, calling the police, etc. At one point, one of the boys removed the wrapper from his pocket, disposing of it in the nearby waste basket. The man announced the disposal of the wrapper so the boy would know that the action hadn’t gone unnoticed.

At this point, I left, smiling, leaving it in their capable hands. I still wonder how the story ended.

I also wonder how the candy tasted. When they were deviously inhaling it, was it extra good because they felt they were getting away with something? Did they even taste it because they were so busy trying to get away with it? After it was clear that they were caught, was it worth it? If they were sat in a small, windowless office with their parents, did the half of a candy bar they shared with a friend seem worth it?

I hope the store scared the living daylights out of them. If they didn’t do anything, it would basically be telling the boys that they can get caught stealing and still get away with it. What kind of a message would that be sending? In my opinion, it would be setting the boys up for a life of crime. “Go ahead! Take whatever you want! We’ll watch you do it, pat you on your head, and send you on your way to the next store to do it again!”

I feel like calling the store to see if anything was done. I’m so curious!


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