Color Me Inspired

Yesterday, I watched a video which I thought would be just another video, but it has stayed with me. And I hope it stays with me forever. Here it is:

It has three sections – the first makes one happy that someone is standing up for someone else and the second feels like what I would do (I HATE confrontation/conflict, so I avoid it).

And then there’s the third. The third part is what has really made an impression on me. The woman in the third section has inspired me to want to be better. I want to be like her in so many ways when I grow up. I want to have her wisdom, her love, and her ability to touch and inspire others toward goodness.

Since I was 12, I’ve known that the definition of “lady” is one who makes those around her more comfortable, and I strive for that every day (possibly part of why I detest conflict so much?) This woman was able to not only spread love and compassion, but she did so in a way that was respectful of all parties, quiet, and heartfelt. She wasn’t calling names or chastising, she was guiding.

By the end of the video, I was sobbing. Half an hour after watching it, I thought of it and teared up again. As I sit here now (24 hours later) thinking about it, I’m once again shedding tears. This woman is an inspiration for me – someone to strive to be like.

Because of her, I now realize that silence isn’t necessarily the best option when it comes to conflict, but being loud isn’t necessarily the best option either. I thought the way she handled it was perfect, and I’m going to try to tailor my behavior so that I might someday be more like her.


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