Mr. Monkey

So, of course, as soon as I’m ready to give up on dating, someone new enters my life. Guess what? I have a date for tomorrow! My life is so unexpected!

I met Mr. Monkey (he claims he’s a “key monkey” at work) yesterday online. He seems decent, funny, and he can construct an entire sentence (if you could only see English-lite I’ve seen lately, you’d understand). Everything seems great – he likes his career, no kids at home to deal with, and he is thinking of moving this summer (he’s kinda far away right now). He’s got a good face, although my son and I both commented on the fact that he looks like my son’s father. But, if I don’t want people to judge me based on my looks, I can’t do that to them.

And, he doesn’t mind my extra tonnage (at least, that’s his claim). So, it might just be a match made in heaven.

Now is when I get ahead of myself and start freaking out. **I might have a date for Valentine’s Day!** **I might have found someone!** **He has money, so if we end up together, maybe I could retire and work on my books!**

And then I remember all of the sweet things he’s said (it would take too much back story to tell you about them and have it make sense). **Swoon** Oh – wait. Scammers know all of the right things to say. The good ones are romantic and thoughtful and everything a woman is looking for. Kinda like this guy. So, is he real, or is he a scammer?

So then I take a step back. I don’t want to get attached to someone who isn’t real. But, the last time I thought someone was a scammer, I was wrong. All of the sweet things that were said were real, but I didn’t take them as such because I didn’t want to get attached to a scammer. Or, we might not click in person. I’ve had that happen more times than not. So, it doesn’t make sense to get all excited because, even if he is real, there might be nothing there.

Online dating is so hard! How much do I believe before I meet him?


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