Okay. Blah, blah. Mr. Monkey, blah, blah. You’re not tired of hearing about him already, are you?

So, I don’t want to be judged, based on my looks. That’s probably based on the fact that I am over 100 pounds overweight. What person at this tonnage wants to be judged based on their looks?

But, even if I was thin, I wouldn’t want to be judged based on my looks. I decided a while ago, that when I am thin, I’m not going to change my profile pics. I want a man who can see past the outsides to see what matters inside – who I really am. I am not my bad skin. Or my spare tires. Or my sparkling blue eyes. I am my kindness, my intelligence, and my drive. I am my wisdom and my patience. I am my heart and my mind.

They have those sites out there for men who are chubby chasers. There are men who prefer fat chicks. It makes sense for me to go to those sites, right? Nope. I don’t plan on being fat for the rest of my life. A chubby chaser won’t be attracted to me in a year. And, if you think about it, chubby chasers are just as superficial as the men who turn me down for being fat (I recently read on a guy’s profile that he’d rather be with an ugly chick than a fat one).

One of my profiles has a number of pictures of me – close-ups and full length. My sister taught me how to stand just so in order to appear thinner than I am. When Mr. Monkey contacted me and after we had chatted for a bit, we scheduled our date. Not wanting to walk up and have him walk away because he was disgusted by my weight, I posted a more realistic picture of myself. I told him that I had posted that pic and that if he wanted to cancel, I would understand. His response was, “Why would that make me want to cancel?” **swoon!**

On our date, I found out that I had actually offended him (very slightly) by saying that. He explained that he is able to find the beauty in any woman – a fat chick (not his words) has extra curves to love, a short woman is cuddly, etc. He’s more interested in a person’s insides than outsides. **swoon** This is exactly the kind of thinking I want.

And he’s intelligent, well-spoken, comfortable with himself, has good manners, etc. So far, he seems like a really great fit for me. We’ll see what the future holds.


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