Didn’t Think it Through

So, I’m faced with a whole new problem, which I’m hoping will resolve itself.

I’m dating two men, and they both seem really cool. One is okay with taking things slowly, which I appreciate. He’s dating other people and understands that I am as well. The other one doesn’t like the fact that I’m dating someone else and has made it clear that it makes him nervous for me to date others. That’s okay. He has his right to his feelings, and he hasn’t asked me to cancel on the other guy, so it’s okay for now.

But, what happens if one or the other decides he wants to be exclusive? I’ve never dated two men at once. I’ve talked with multiple men at the same time before meeting them, but they’ve always just kind of weeded themselves out so I wasn’t dating any more than one person at a time. This might get complicated.

How does one choose between two great guys? Just give it time to see who is a better man, a better fit? What if one demands exclusivity before you’re able to make the decision? Then you ditch that one? Which would then suck if the other one never wants to be exclusive.

And then I decide that it would be my Higher Power’s way of saving me for Mr. Right.

See why I say that I’m terrible at dating? I can’t handle the pressure!

Breathe. Take it easy. Just enjoy the ride.

So easy to say!


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