No Naked Torso!

Guys – really. Really? I mean c’mon – really!

I’m a member of ( Lately, I have been having some luck on it. I’ve heard rumors that the site has forums, but I have yet to see them.

It does, however, have another feature where you can say whether or not pictures are appropriate. There are just so many pictures to approve, they need our help (or so they claim). Being the control freak I am, and the little tattletale, I love this feature. Let’s get all of the naked penises off the Internet that we can!

Yes, yes they do. Men post pictures of their naked penises on their dating profile. There is also a plethora of naked torsos, which are against the rules (yes, even for men).

Not only are men breaking the rules by posting those pics, but, in my humble opinion, they’re turning women off. At least in my case, if I see a man with a naked torso, it had better be a really spectacular torso for me to be impressed. If it’s not, I am usually just turned off. Even if it is a work of art, I always have the same thought – “If that’s all he’s got going for him, I’m not interested.” Honestly – don’t show me your rock hard abs; tell me about your intelligence. Don’t put a pic of your pecs in my face, tell me about your kindness and openness. I am far more concerned with your personality than your pictorials. If you can’t impress me with your words, your pics are a complete waste of space. Bare skin just tells me that you’ve got nothing else going on – seriously – you’re only making it worse.

I clicked on the feature which let me look at women’s pics. Do you know how many naked torsos I saw? None. How many bare woo-haws? Zero. I did see the top bit of some cleavage, but nothing which rivals the nakedness I saw on the men’s pics. Take a note men – if we don’t show you ours, we don’t want to see yours. Just because you want to see ours doesn’t mean we want to see yours. Cover up, show us your personality, and quit being superficial jerks!


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