And, once again, I have failed miserably! I was all fired up to work on my manuscript, but I haven’t touched it once.

Stupid life keeps getting in the way!

Sometimes I think I’m making excuses – that there isn’t any reason why I can’t work on my manuscript. And then I look at my life. One evening, I spent searching for the perfect gift for a co-worker. Another day, I spent searching for the exact ingredients needed for the cheesecake I was going to make for said co-worker. And then last night, I spent making the elaborate cheesecake. Basically, anytime there’s anything in my life which is out of the ordinary, my manuscript takes a back seat until everything else it taken care of.

And tonight? Tonight I can work toward my dream, right? Nope. Tonight I have to wash the dishes I’ve ignored all week. Tomorrow – tomorrow will be the night. Nope. I have to take my son to buy new slacks for his competition on Saturday and then we’re going to see a movie we’ve very impatiently been waiting for (for MONTHS!) Saturday is his competition (an all-day activity). That leaves Sunday. Sunday I’m going to work on my manuscript! Or, I’ll be so exhausted from everything else going on that I’ll be in a zombie-like state, unable to lift my head.

So, when I look back at the last year, wondering why my book isn’t currently on the shelves of Barnes and Noble, I feel somewhat justified. I really am busy. I really do a lot of stuff.

Well, except for last summer. And … well, if I’m to be honest, there were times in there that I could have done it. But, I’m a person of habit. It’s hard for me to schedule a time for something into my world when I know it won’t be a constant (which is a big reason why I’m not exercising right now). I understand that working on it sporadically is better than not at all. I just need to do it!

Ugh! Fail!


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