Death Penalty

My boss made an assumption about me the other day, which (apparently) bothered me. I don’t know why, because her assumption was quite inline with my personality, but I felt defensive when she said it.

I am all about love – love conquers all, love makes everything easier, blah, blah, blah. (Which seems odd, considering my attitude toward dating right now, but that’s okay.) I firmly believe that love will heal the world. I believe all life has value. I believe in second chances and that people can change (if they REALLY want to and are physiologically able).

However, I am completely pro-death penalty. Maybe it’s because I’m selfish, maybe it’s because I feel there are some who can’t or don’t want to change. I’m not sure why. All I know is, I believe there are some who deserve the death penalty and our society is worse off for not giving them their just desserts.

Think of it this way – a family dog, who is generally loving and sweet, finds that the 8 year old boy in the house forgot to latch the door and the dog gets outside to freedom. During his travels, he comes across a child who has anger management issues and starts phsycially attacking the dog. To protect itself, the dog bites, the bully’s family is enraged, the dog is put to sleep.

Now, switch gears. A little girl is skipping her way home from school in a family-friendly neighborhood. A man lures her into his van and drives off with her to do God knows what. This little girl is tortured, sexually and otherwise, while she pleads for her mommy. After weeks of tears and screams, she finally dies, cold and alone in his basement, her tiny body unable to withstand anymore. He tosses her body deep into the woods before he sets off to find the next innocent little girl to victimize. Meanwhile, the family of the first girl agonizes over where she could be, missing their baby, worrying. They will never be able to hold her again, watch her graduate, get married, or have babies of her own. Countless lives have been devastated because of the depravity of this man. He does it time and time again before he is finally caught, the bodies of these little girls piling up, one on top of the other, carelessly discarded.

And yet I, as a tax payer, have to pay for him to live. I pay for his food. I pay for his bed. I pay for the guards who will attempt to protect him from the other inmates, when I would love to know that they had done to him what he did to all of those little girls. Why should I have to pay for him to live when I don’t feel he deserves it? He won’t change – he can’t. He’s proven that time and time again. Everyone knows he will never be a functioning member of society. He is a drain on us. If we didn’t have to pay for all of these sick bastards to stay alive in our prisons, how much money could we save our country? If people knew that “Three Strikes and You’re Out” means death, would they stop doing such horrific things? Those who can’t stop would be terminated, those who could… Maybe it would be a deterrent for them.

Why does a man who repeatedly tortures and kills children deserve any better than a dog who bites once?


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