New Job, Please

No, the new job is not for me. I’m okay with my job. What I’m not okay with is my co-worker. She’s absolutely miserable! And she’s making me miserable in the process. I think it’s that whole misery loves company thing, but I’m not enjoying it.

She once told me about a co-worker she had who was horrid to work with. This woman clearly hated her job, she let everyone know how much she hated her job, and she made those around her hate being around her. Plus, she made their day a little worse. They all desperately wanted her to find another job so that they could get back to enjoying their job. As my co-worker said this to me, I just held my tongue. Does she really not see the parallel? Honestly?

Two days ago, she made some guttural noises while at the copier. I recognized that it was making some odd sounds, so I asked her if she would like some help. She turned and glared at me, demanding, “Are you a copier repair man?” I just returned to my work. No, I am not a copy repair man, but I am really good with copiers. I can clear a jam faster and easier than anyone I know. I was offering to assist her, to try to make her day easier, and she was snarky with me.

Later, I tried to share some personal information with her, trying to help ease the tension that was palpable in the room. She chastised me and judged me. Needless to say, the conversation ended immediately.

Later still (the same morning) I made a mistake and apologized to our boss (we all share an office). My co-worker assumed I was apologizing to myself and began laughing at me. She’s now making up reasons to make fun of me.

A few months ago, she made it clear that any personal question I ask of her is invasive and therefor offensive, so I stopped asking her anything about her life a while ago.

So… There’s nothing left to say to this woman. I have tried being nice. I really have. She’s just a raging bitch. All the time. I think she might injure herself if she tried to be nice. The fact that she’s completely miserable at her job only makes her more intolerable.

When she goes to lunch, my boss and I sit and chat amicably. When she comes back, the moody silence returns. Her negative energy poisons the air the moment she walks in.

While at work, she looks and applies for different jobs. I sincerely hope she finds one. Soon.


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