Stolen Innocence

Happy May Day! Did you forget today was May Day? Most of us do.

I handed out baskets this morning (can you tell I’m proud of myself?) Remember doing that when we were kids? We filled Styrofoam cups *gasp!* with bite-sized candies, wrote our friends’ names on the cups, and then slunk around the neighborhood, setting the cups on the doorsteps, ringing the bell, and then running around the corner of the house to silently giggle.

When I gave my son his basket today, he had no idea what it was. It made me so sad! I mean, he never did that old tradition of Ringing & Running. He doesn’t share that memory with me, or even have any of his own.

When I gave my co-worker her basket, she smiled, the childhood memory flooding her mind; she remembered. We discussed how it’s not done anymore. Granted, it was a safer time back then, and she and I both lived in safer areas, but I don’t think the practice is even alive anymore. How sad is that? We thought it was because of the safety factor.

My children never did the full-on Trick-or-Treat thing after we moved to the Seattle Area. Who knows what kind of poison or razor blades might be hidden in harmless-looking candy?

It makes me so sad that my children didn’t get to create their own memories similar to my own. The way the world has changed has taken that right from them. I know I can’t buck the system. Doing my best to protect my children is what has kept them from creating these memories. I don’t think I’m over-protective, but just aware of what’s going on in the world and what I need to do in order to keep them safe.

It just makes me sad that my son doesn’t have those innocent, happy memories like mine.


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