The last couple of weeks, I haven’t been where I’ve wanted to be. The lonely girl is me had me believing things which weren’t true. Friday, I got it all cleared up, and things are much better now.

I was starting to have feelings for Mr. Socks and I thought he might care about me, too (at least, more than as a FWB). I had given up on my other FWB, which I should have known was a mistake. Having two men in my life kept me from becoming too attached to either of them. Letting my other FWB go without finding a replacement right away was just foolish of me. Anyway, I spoke with my FWB, and he made it clear that he likes the status quo.

So, back into the waters I go to find a replacement for Mr. Driver. Needless to say, it didn’t take long to hook a couple of men. Offering NSA sex is like blood in the water. By the next morning, I had two Meet & Greets set up for that day. The first one went really well. So well, in fact, that we agreed to meet later that evening (after my 2nd M&G). That evening, I went to the M&G. I don’t know if he stood me up, or if there was a miscommunication, or what, but he wasn’t there. If I agree to meet with him again (which I doubt I will) it will only be in my home town. I drove for an hour to get stood up (or whatever happened). Not cool! So, I went home, changed, and went to … Hm… what shall I call him? Oh – Mr. Cuddles! I went to Mr. Cuddles’ house.

The evening progressed as one might expect, ending just shy of where he hoped. We spent a lot of time kissing and cuddling. The evening ended with him spooning me. I haven’t been spooned in years. I had forgotten how much I enjoy being held like that. I felt all of my tension just melt away as he wrapped his arms around me. I fit against him really well. It was so nice! The entire evening, he was touching me in some way – not necessarily sexually, but his hands where on me somewhere – my lower back, my thigh, whatever. I really enjoyed the touch.

The next morning, Mr. Aggressive contacted me, his demeanor completely altered. He was thoughtful and far less sexual. Something about his intrigues me, so I might see him again.

All in all, I feel good about how the weekend went. We’ll see what comes of it.


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