So, being involved with more than one man does have its challenges. The big one is scheduling. Last night I saw Mr. Socks. He wants to see me again tonight. The thing is, I am scheduled to see Mr. Cuddles tonight. Granted, Mr. Cuddles and I are going to see each other early in the evening, after which I’m going to Girls Night, and Mr. Socks wants to see me after Girls Night. I just feel so slutty having two men in one night. I’ve done it before, and it was fun, but it just feels weird!

Mr. Socks is fully aware of Mr. Cuddles and he knows why I have to have another man in my life. That doesn’t mean he wants me throwing “the other man” in his face. I try to never have proof around to remind him that he’s not my only guy. He will bring up my other man, but I don’t.

And I’m not sure why he brings him up. Is it jealousy? Curiosity? It’s just so odd! He brought up Mr. Cuddles yesterday, and I didn’t quite know how to respond to him. It was like he wanted me to tell him that he’s my favorite or something. I suppose all men like ego boosts, right?

The other problem is that Mr. Cuddles doesn’t know that he’s not my only one. I’m not sure if I should tell him or not. I mean, I’ve seen him on the dating site since we’ve started spending time together, which makes me think he’d be okay with it. But, his personality doesn’t seem like he’d be okay sharing a girl with another guy. So, I haven’t said anything about it yet.

Which brings me back to the scheduling problem. So far, neither of them has asked to see me when I’m scheduled to see the other. I’m not one for lying, but nor do I want to throw the other man in their faces by saying, “I can’t see you tonight – another man will be in my bed.” That just sounds cold and callous – which is SO not me.

I think it might work if I just say something like, “Oh, I can’t tonight, but I’d love to see you tomorrow.” If they don’t ask questions, that would work well.

As long as they don’t ask questions. Eek!


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