Test Drive

So, I took Mr. Trucks for a test drive yesterday. I don’t think I’m going to sign the lease.

When we were scheduling our get-together, I asked if he wanted to do something before we made our way to my bedroom, of if he just wanted sex. When he said he just wanted sex, I told him that was fine, but that I bored quickly of my FWB who only wanted sex – usually in about a month. Oddly enough, all of a sudden, he wanted to go for a walk with me beforehand. Huh. Go figure. So, we went for a walk (aka sprinting around my neighborhood to see how quickly we could get back to my house). Really?? I did like how snugly my hand fit in his, but that was about the only part of it I liked.

When we got back to my place, he very quickly started the party. He’s one who believes in pleasing a woman first, which I have come to expect, so that wasn’t anything special. He did know where my G-spot was without instruction (I’m amazed at how many men don’t know how to find it), but he didn’t really know what to do with it. He was fast and rough in all he did. How many times do I need to say, “Be gentle” or “Slow down” before he understands? Ugh!

And then he brought out the goods. Now, I’m not one to speak poorly of someone, but this has to be addressed. Recently, I’ve come to realize that size doesn’t matter. I need to add a caveat to that. Size doesn’t matter, as long as you don’t wonder if it’s in. Seriously.

Each man I’ve been with has something to offer. Mr. Counselor had the size. Mr. Driver had intimacy. Mr. Socks is great with his hands. Mr. Cuddles is a friend who cuddles and is good in bed. What does Mr. Trucks offer? As far as I can tell, absolutely nothing. I thought he might be fun because he doesn’t have a lot of experience. I thought he would be cute and malleable. It wasn’t like that at all. It was like he had something to prove, which just wasn’t fun.

I don’t think I’ll see him again. I haven’t heard from him last night or this morning. Hopefully, he’s on the same page and there doesn’t have to be some big discussion. Hopefully he’ll just fade away. I really hate telling men they aren’t a good fit.


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