Don’t Quit

I saw this video yesterday, which I thought was pretty amazing:

How many of us would have given up? How many of us would have thought, “Screw it – there’s no way I can catch up”? Some might have given it a half-hearted effort, just to complete the race, but not Heather. She gave it her all and she won.

How many of your races are you giving half an effort, or have you given up all together? Honestly? I’m giving my writing only a fraction of the attention it needs. I blog now and then, I go to my writer’s group, and that’s about it. There’s so much more I could and should be doing. “Oh – after the house is clean,” or “Once my son is with his father for the summer, I’ll have more time,” or… or so many other lousy excuses I keep coming up with.

lol. And my journey toward health is just about as lackadaisical. I generally eat well. Unless it’s Friday (aka “Pizza Night). Or I’m out of town. Or I don’t want to cook. Or… just about any other excuse I can find.

I need to quit giving my life and my goals a half effort. I need to get up and run with long strides, the finish line in my sights, my failures in the dust behind me. I need to believe in myself and work toward my dreams. I need to take a page from Heather’s book.

Don’t quit just because you’ve fallen down. Get back up. Push to the end. We can do it!


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